Friday, January 28, 2011

It costs less when we have it in the store

I've been waiting for a while for this day to arrive. Today was the day everything at the local Shopper's was being marked down 50%. No, it's not some crazy sale. Well it is, but it signals the end. Shopper's is closing this particular store in the next few weeks, having been outclassed by two nearby supermarkets.
Upon reflection, it's really no surprise. In the 5 1/2 years I've been living and shopping in this area, despite some good prices, this store has never failed to frustrate me. Or maybe I should say amuse me with the staff's incompetence. Not the cashiers -- they were friendly and generally capable. The same cannot be said for management.
And today was no exception.
It brought to mind the following old-world joke:
"How much for a dozen eggs?" a customer in a grocery store asks.
"Eggs are 35 cents for a dozen," the grocer says.
"Thirty five cents a dozen? The grocer across the street is selling them for 25 cents a dozen," the customer says.
"So buy them across the street," the grocer says.
"It just so happens that the grocer across the street is all out today," the customer says.
"Well," the grocer says, "when I'm all out of eggs, I also charge 25 cents a dozen."
There was a sign posted in the dairy section of Shopper's that read, "All dairy 50% off, except eggs (those darn eggs again...) and milk."
Hold the phone... Since when are eggs dairy products? Only at Shopper's, I guess ...
Then there's the question of what is milk? Does that mean liquid milk or all milk products? Maybe it's my upbringing in a kosher home, but to me, milk is all milk products. A little clarification, please.
So I ask a manager. "Does milk just refer to the liquid?"
"Yes, it does" he says, adding, "You know it's not discounted and neither are eggs."
Yes, I understand that. Then he offers another piece of information, no doubt for good measure.
Here's what he said: "Oh. By the way, we don't have any milk or eggs in the store, so you can't buy them anyway."
So apparently there's no need to concern myself with the discount.
No wonder they're closing ...

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