Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ch … Ch… Ch… Ch… Changes

Today is Sunday, January 1st, 2012. It’s the start of a new week, a new month and a new year. Wow.
The start of the New Year brings with it changes in the Steinberg household that have been the cause of some angst in the past few weeks.
Nothing serious, mind you, but occasion for thought and wonderment.
After almost 2½ years there, I decided in late November to leave my volunteer job as a writing projects specialist at JobLink, the City of Alexandria’s one-stop career center.
The decision actually caught me a bit off guard. I hadn't planned on leaving, but I knew I was becoming more and more interested in fundraising.
To my surprise, while perusing the “want ads” for volunteers, I saw a request from a local non-profit for development (fundraising) help, including working on grants. I have strongly desired for the past five years or so, to learn grant writing. So I inquired about the volunteer position.
Long story short, I start the new position/internship on Tuesday.
Having been at JobLink for more than two years though, I concede that I am a bit nervous about the new position. Since it will largely be a learning experience for me, I find myself treating it as though I were starting at new school. 
Will the “other kids” like me? Will I be able to manage the work? What do I wear on my first day? These questions have been dogging me since I was “accepted” to volunteer. (Yes, I had an interview for the job….)
I’ll be working at the new organization – Liberty’s Promise ( – two days a week, five hours a day, covering the lunch hour. Naturally, being the foodie I am, the big question on my mind has been, “What happens at lunchtime?”
It seems that to keep costs in check, the staff brings their lunch. OK. I’m down with that. I love cooking and I know that I have greater control over the general healthiness of what I eat if I make my meals at home.
So that’s all squared away, but back to being the kid at school…
I want to look “cool” so what to bring my lunch in?  
And, I should add that Gary’s starting the New Year with a new lunch bag too. He’s admitted to being a little uptight about parting ways with the lunch bag he’s used for the last four years or so, which he got at a yard sale…
These are our options: 


So who uses what?