Monday, January 17, 2011

On the count of three, don't smile

I love Philadelphia. It has culture, shopping, history, FOOD, and much, much more. And it's easily accessible from DC and New York by train or car. All of which make it a great meeting place in which to connect with my folks. And that's just what Gary and I are doing on Presidents' Day weekend.
We went to Philly last year after getting a GREAT deal from a hotel called the Palomar. The staff was great; the location was great, the room was wonderfully comfortable. Just a delight from start to finish. So we're gonna stay there again. Only thing is, that awesome deal isn't available anymore. So I looked and looked on the website and came up with a federal government/military travelers room rate that comes with breakfast. Works for me! Since Gary is a federal employee, we grabbed that rate -- twice.
Of course, you can't just take the government rate without being expected to show proof that you really work for/with the government. Again, no problem. Gary will bring his ID card with him.
That got me thinking...
Does it actually say "US Government" on the ID card? If so, where? So I looked at Gary's ID this morning. Sure enough, wedged into the farthest corner of the card there's teeny tiny print that says "US Government." Now I can't look at the ID without looking at the photo. Oy. It doesn't do my handsome guy justice.
So I said to him, "You could have at least smiled in the picture, no?"
And he says, "Nope. We're not allowed to smile. We told specifically not to smile!"
I've heard of some crazy rules, but "We're not allowed to smile?" Seriously? Good thing I was sitting down when he told me that!

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