Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oy. Does that say it all? It's been about a month now since I pulled a muscle in my back while shoveling snow. Are you kidding? The recovery, such as it is, is slower than I'd like. We New Yorkers are not known for our patience...
So to amuse myself and take my mind off the dull pain in my back, I've been looking for distractions.
My favorite distraction is laughing at people's silly names. Actually, my favorite distraction is raiding the refrigerator, but that's not really an activity I can share so easily with friends -- especially friends in other states... So, I'm defaulting to one of my favorite distractions.
I'm a bit behind schedule in my laugh-fest, to say nothing of the fact that I haven't blogged at all this month. I figure it's just as well, though, since all I would have done is whine...
So several weeks ago, Gary and I attended an event where people were wearing name tags. We were waiting on line for a buffet supper when I caught a name on a tag: Jane Butt. I swear I'm not making this up.
So Gary and I started thinking about hyphenated names for Jane Butt. We decided maybe before she married Mr. Butt, her name was Jane Small. Jane Small-Butt, anyone?
Tonight Gary was reading the sports section and there was a story about a player for Georgetown Women's Basketball named Monica McNutt. We envisioned her marrying Richard Head (I'll let you think about that one...) and hyphenating. Monica McNutt-Head?
Have any favorite names that make you laugh out loud? Please share! I anticipate that it's going to be a long road to a fully-healed back.

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