Monday, January 10, 2011

Mmmm what?! A "bissel" pronunciation makes all the difference

Another day recuperating at home today, but I'm feeling better and better so today I was able to exercise.
My workout of choice is walking in place while watching TV. Make that while watching, as Gary refers to it, "violent TV." I admit it, I enjoy some TV violence every now and then -- fictional, for example of the Law & Order variety, of course.
Today I was watching "Supernatural" while walking. It was exceptionally graphically violent -- more so than I could take, so I started reading a magazine.
While reading and walking with the TV on for "white noise" , an ad came on for some women's hair care product. Shampoo? Conditioner perhaps? I wasn't really paying attention. And then I hear, "Blah blah blah, with essence of kasha."
With essence of what?! The Jewish mixture of buckwheat groats and noodles? All right, technically that's kasha varnishkes but suddenly I'm thinking of Jewish comfort food.... This can't be right.
Nope. It wasn't right.What a difference proper pronunciation makes!
The hair care product, whatever it is, has essence (whatever that means) of cassia in it. Cassia, properly pronounced cash-uh or cass-ee-uh, is a plant that is closely related to cinnamon. Ironically, cinnamon is said to be an appetite suppressant.
Let's see Jewish comfort food or an appetite suppressant?

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