Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The answer is 42 regardless of the question

I have a habit of prefacing questions with the statement, "I have a question." Whenever I would say that to a pal of mine, regardless of the question, he'd say, 'The answer is 42." 
I hope he's right. I'm going to put his theory to the test...
This year I turn 42 ... I think. Yeah, that sounds right. I never was very good at math. That's why it's easier for me to say "I'm turning 29 again" and let my fans figure out how old I really am. 
So I'm turning 29 again and here I am, taking a stab at writing a blog... again. 
Will I post more than four entries like I did in all of last year?  Will I muse and amuse as the title of my blog says I will?
Right now the only answer I can give is ... 42.

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  1. Your musing is amusing!!!! And love the photo!!!!