Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Prelude to Retirement

It's August 6th and day two of "not working" for me. Ha! I think I can view this period of "no work" as a prelude to retirement. After all, I've always heard it said that when you retire you become far busier than you were when you worked full time. If that's case, give me full time work! On second thought...

So today's main activity was a meeting about volunteering. The work will be helping job hunters to develop resumes and conduct job searches -- a subject I am quite familiar with. I was surprised when I was told I have to provide references to the people who oversee the volunteers. References? To be a volunteer? Who'da thunk it? Gone are the days I guess when you could sashay into the headquarters of an organization/agency, say "I'd like to volunteer" and be asked "When can you start?" Fortunately I have excellent references.

I'll be starting off slowly -- one day a week for four hours. I'm hoping I'm going to love it and can "make something of it." Ideally I'd like to volunteer three days a week. I've got other ideas in the pipeline, including manual labor on a horse farm. Gotta make that contact! Put it on the ever-growing list of things to do tomorrow.

When I got back from my meeting I "set to" writing a thank you letter as if I'd had a job interview. Between writing the letter, contacting my references and answering a few other emails, I was on the computer for most of the day. It's almost like I was at work. Who says not working isn't work?

Still all this keeping busy is great for the soul. The body could probably use a little more activity.... Well, I'm a work in progress.

Score: Domestic Divahood, 2; Unfulfilled on the job, 0

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