Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Domestic Diva Day One

It's August 5th, 2009 and today is day one of life after voluntarily leaving my job to become a domestic diva. I have to say, given the economy, I'm incredibly fortunate to have been able to leave and not immediately have to look for a new money-making position.

The irony is that with the economy as miserable as it is even volunteer work is hard to come by. Case in point:

I called a local government agency this morning about volunteering and was told "Sorry. We have all the volunteers we can accommodate right now."

Amazing. All I could think was "Man, would I hate to be job-hunting right now!"

But it's not like there isn't plenty to do to keep me busy at home.

I was folding laundry (baskets of it!) to a CD of country music (if you can really call Tim McGraw and the likes "country") and had gotten into a rhythm when the phone rang and "broke" my routine. Can you imagine being sorry to be called away from doing laundry? And yet there I was.

It may be inexplicable to some and at moments it's even surprising to me, but I derive a powerful sense of peace and joy being at home and taking care of my house.

I'm so excited and pleased to be at home. "At home" is a bit of a loose term, however. I have so many plans -- coffee with Suzanne; meditation; gardening; maybe helping to groom horses at Karen and Mark's farm; having lunch with Gary periodically and, of course, working on my cards, to say nothing of all the projects I haven't mentioned, thought of, etc.

Yeah, life is tough.

Score: Domestic Divahood, 1; Unfulfilled on the job, 0

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  1. Hey Daph, thanks for the mention! Liking the blog!