Friday, August 14, 2009

Electioneering for good ol' what's-his-name

I've just picked Gary up from the Metro and I'm cooking dinner and the phone rings. Naturally. It's that magical hour when everyone who has nothing useful to tell you decides to invade your privacy. Gary gets the phone and I see him nodding his head and then he says something to the effect of "Well, my wife might be interested. Let me put her on..." What the h-e-double hockey sticks am I about to get into?

So I take the phone and a young lady introduces herself and says she is the field office supervisor, or some other such exalted position, in a new campaign office that just opened about about eight miles from the house and they are looking for volunteers to help get out the vote for Creigh Deeds. For those who don't know, Creigh Deeds is a state senator from Bath County (home of the great unwashed?), VA and he is the Democratic candidate for governor. The thing is, I have no earthly idea how to pronounce the guy's name. Is it Cray? Cree? Crayg? Houston, we've got a problem.

I'm going to call some Virginia voter and say "Hey there. My name is Daphne and I'm calling you today to talk to you about good ol' "what's-his-name" and why you should vote for him for Governor this November. Yeah, that's going to make a great impression.

The irony is that I got very fired up during the presidential campaign season last year and I want to do this so I've agreed to volunteer to help "Get out the Vote." I start Thursday. Let's hope I know good ol' "what's-his-name's" name by then...

Score: Domestic Divahood, 6; Unfulfilled on the job, 0

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