Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stormy Lovin'!

Me, red meat, mega high-calorie sweets, me, high temperatures, stormy weather and me.
These are some of the things my husband loves. Did I mention he loves me?

When I was single, I would get very scared and upset in storms because of the noise and uncertainty of what might happen. Would I lose power? Would I be okay? I always wondered until the storm ended.
When I was a newspaper reporter, it was especially scary, because bad weather often preceded a call from my editor saying, "Daphne, get out there and check out the damage/the accident/the resulting conditions/etc.and report back."
One of my scariest post-storm assignments was after a heavy snowfall. I was ordered to check out a car that had gotten stuck on a set of train tracks after sliding on ice and was subsequently clipped by a train. Thank God no one was hurt. The idea to me though that I was going to have to take my car onto that same icy road... Yikes!
These days, as an at-home wife I wonder what the storm will "bring" ... in the way of behavior from my husband. Without getting graphic, he makes them so exciting!
When Hurricane Irene passed by us, we lost power for about 15 hours. The lights went out shortly before 9PM on Saturday. When they did, I turned to Gary and said, "What should we do?"
His reply: "We could do some kissing!"
It brings to mind an incident from several years ago when we were dating.
One morning, after a rather intense overnight storm, Gary was moving particularly slowly. I, who typically sleep like the dead, asked him what was going on and he said he hadn't slept well.
"Why Dear?" I asked.
"Because of the storm," he said.
"But it's not like this is the first storm you've been in. Surely you aren't up for all of them?" I said. I don't think I ever could have guessed what came next ...
He said, "Yes, that's true, but this was my first storm with you!"

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  1. What a totally sweet thing to say! Awwww---he's a good hubby ;) I can tell! Loved this post! Cheers, Jenn

  2. Wow, I think I'm in love with Gary too. What a sweet post, and a great take on the subject.