Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's a Wonder Full Life

Hey Y'all!
Okay, fine. I'm not Southern. I'm from Brooklyn. Can you cut a girl some slack though? 
Seriously though, I'm new to The Writer's Post and I'm trying my hand at this weekly blog hop thingumabob. 
Assuming I "get it," I'm supposed to blog about a particular topic. This week it's my personal seven wonders. 
I'm not sure I have seven, but I have a few, anyway ... . Since I don't care much for blogging unless I can generate a laugh,  I ask your forbearance if my wonders come off a bit "tongue-in-cheek." 
(1) Oh good. I hit the wrong key and mistakenly started with number 10 just now. That should give you some idea of what direction I'm headed in. I wonder why, at age 42, I still haven't learned that if I'm tired, I should go to sleep. 
I can hear just fine, but can you ask your question in MY language?  
(2) Nice. I just typed number one again. Fool me once ... . I wonder why if someone doesn't understand what I'm saying, I will repeat myself in a louder voice. The listener isn't hard of hearing ... . 
(3) Woohoo! I typed a three with no trouble at all! I wonder why people decide to go into service-oriented businesses, such as being a waiter or a retail clerk and then routinely cop an attitude with their customers. What's up with that? 
(4) On a serious note, I wonder why it is that the people who die young are always the really nice ones. Y'know, the ones you feel fortunate and blessed to know? 
(5) I've written a spoof on a country music song, inspired by a trip to Nashville, TN, earlier this year. I wonder, might it be my breakout hit --  the one that'll get me "discovered" and make me a million overnight? And do I dare post it on Youtube -- with me singing? 
(6) I wonder, is it cynical of me to not want to know exactly what my girlfriend who is getting married in two months is doing to prepare for her wedding right now? And now? And now?

Addressing invitations... .

(7) Why, I wonder, is it that the items that I pick off the rack marked "Clearance" are always full price?
Well how do you like that? I do have seven wonders ... . But wait! There's more!
(8) I wonder, if I really knew what people thought of me, would I be apt to change my ways? Just sayin'... .


  1. Thanks for sharing. A bit to think and laugh about with my coffee.

  2. DAPH you Rock girl!! These were GREAT 8 Wonders!! LOLOL! Yes you had me chuckling right along!! I'm glad you decided to do the hop!! It can be fun.

    Cheers, Jenn

  3. You is silly, silly, silly which is okay cause I happen to like silly! Loved your take on this week's prompt!

  4. *chuckle* Now that I can identify with... Maybe we should start a support group for people with finger farts? Fun post :o))