Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Darker Side of Daph

Have you ever noticed how automatic spell check or auto generated wording/phrasing options sometimes present you with an “unexpected” alternative?
As I've now mentioned a few times, I have been selected as a finalist in a national blogging contest for a website called Beliefnet. I knew a decision was imminent, but I wasn't sure quite how I’d find out who’d been selected.
I needn’t have worried.
In my email yesterday was one that said I had “new activity” on my Beliefnet profile. I checked my Beliefnet mailbox to find a one-word message. It merely said, “Congratulations!” I was pretty sure in that moment that I knew what I was being congratulated on/for, but I figured it was wise to double check.
The next Beliefnet FLOGGER
I assumed that the announcement would be right on Beliefnet’s home page as it is now, but I was a bit premature. Their web folks hadn’t yet put up the announcement. So I went searching….
I thought about how best to look and concluded that, at minimum, I needed to include the words “Beliefnet blogger.” Ultimately, I opted for the entire phrase “Be the next Beliefnet blogger.”
The search did return several possible links, but it also came back with another idea for what I might have been looking for …
Underneath the line that showed me how many results I had to choose from, in bright blue writing was written, “Did you mean be the belief net [sic] flogger?”
Now that’s a job I hadn't thought of.  I know though, that Beliefnet promotes itself as a “family friendly” website, so I don’t think they’d go for it.
I wonder if they'd reconsider though if I don't win the contest ....


  1. Oh dear!! Yes that auto generated word phrasing is annoying! I had something bizarre come up the other day on it..but too tired to remember now! Congrats on winning?? Is that what that was for?? I hope so! Congrats if you did :)

  2. Hmmm...yes, I have had this issue in the past. I think that is why I agonize over everything I write because I don't want to publish anything that I haven't read over and over and over again. - Susan Dusterhoft