Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What part of MONROE didn't you understand?

If you're from the North, you've likely heard a stereotype or two about the way Southerners talk and think -- slow. Not always true, certainly. But during a recent vacation in Nashville, TN, I had an exchange with a Southerner that put that theory to the test. Let's just say that I'm trying not to be too judgmental now ...
Thanks to Groupon, we learned about a place called the Savannah Tea Company on Monroe Street in the Germantown section of Nashville. We purchased said Groupon and made a reservation for a full "afternoon tea" (scones, fruit, pastries, finger sandwiches ... the works!) on Friday afternoon. So far, so good.
On Friday morning we go to the Country Music Hall of Fame which is about a mile and a half from the Savannah Tea Company. It's a beautiful day, so we decide to walk from the Hall of Fame. We have a map of the city, but it doesn't show Monroe Street. Whatever. After walking about a quarter mile in the wrong direction, we figure out which way to go and figure we'll get there when we get there.
We walk and walk and ... well, you get the picture.
We've just crossed Jefferson Street and now our map is not showing streets anymore. The time of our reservation is drawing near and we have no idea how much farther we have to walk. Now we're starting to get nervous. Seriously, how far away is Monroe Street?
Best thing to do, we decide, go into a local business and ask. So we go into a shop (Soon after we will learn that this shop is only 3/4 of a block from Monroe Street) and I ask a young lady behind the counter, "Where is Monroe Street?"
She hems and haws a bit and then asks me, "What are you looking for?"
"Monroe Street," I say, a little bit slower ... as I think to myself, "What part of 'Monroe Street' didn't you understand?"

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  1. HA! I hope you eventually found it, Daphne! Afternoon tea sounds wonderful!