Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loose Lips...

When was the last time you said something and then immediately afterwards thought, “Oh my God! Did those words really just leave my mouth?”
Looking back, it seems my body was mapping out my future with Gary before my brain and heart got on board. Talk about a lesson in biological priorities…
We’d only been dating about a month or two, I’d say, and were still really getting to know each other, when Gary mentioned to me that he played poker once a month with some guys from his neighborhood. It sounded kind of fun to me, having never played, and I wanted to know more.
What I’d come to find out in short order was that the game’s two key features were the low stakes (nickel-dime-quarter) and the absence of women. This get-together was boys only, thank you very much.
That, I thought, was unfortunate, because I would have liked to have gotten to know the guys and perhaps even played a hand or two, not that I knew anything about poker… I couldn't have known then that the “no women” rule would be relaxed after we got married and I would, in fact, be invited to join in. At that time, I was going to have to be content as an observer.
So be it. After all, I liked what I heard about the game and its participants. I especially liked hearing stories about Chuck, a retired race car driver.
The closest Gary will get to driving a race car.... 
Chuck, it seems, had more than a few cars in his driveway/garage. I don’t know anything about cars, but I know I enjoy looking at them. I especially like Porsches. On the understanding that they pack quite a punch under the hood, I think they’re just “adorable.”
Yeah, I know. That’s not a very “manly” description. Sue me…
In the course of conversation Gary told me that Chuck primarily raced Porsches. No way! Now I really wanted to meet this guy, who, it turns out, was also a Marine. Kinda fits, no?
So here was I with this ridiculously romantic notion of Chuck , the race driver, in my head and one day Gary tells me that Chuck is prepared to sell him a Porsche for a mere few thousand bucks. You’d think I’d have jumped at the chance, right?
Not. So. Much.
In my wildest dreams, I never expected to hear what came next.
“I don’t think so, Honey,” I said, “It’s not a family car!”

Written for The Writers’ Post weekly blog hop #23. Theme: Priorities


  1. Oh dear, no to a bargain Porsche? Wow you are really mature. I would have one in my driveway, no doubt! The poker thing, not for me, but I do love a good card game, just not poker.
    Priorities or not, that was a tough call!

  2. Yikes, you said that? Well I guess it worked out anyway as it appears you did marry this wonderful man. Glad you are finally included in the weekly poker games, they can be loads of fun.

    Very cute post. I am a new follower. I have not posted much this month as I am very busy with NaNo, but I will be back in December and I will stop back by your blog then and read more.

  3. Have to say, it'd have to be a special kinda man to make me pick him over a Porsche! And if the bargain was a Jaguar... well forget it. Bye bye dude, and hello pink Jaguar with black leather interior *grin* I'm glad you made the right choice for you though :o)

  4. Bwahahaha.... I LOL'd! You know they always say "loose lips sink ships" and you could have sunk your ship right there! hahahah... too funny!

  5. Daphne--you break my heart!! You said NO to the Porsche?? I love Love LOVE Porsches and if I had a chance to get one for a bargain I would have jumped all over the chance. WHO THE HECK needs a family car anyway (coming from a Mom to 5 kids)! LMAO!! I love you anyway--although my heart is a bit broken about that Porsche!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  6. Really? No to a porshe? Hells bells, I probably would have had to blow caution to the wind and give a hell yes to everyone in the peanut gallery for that!! Congratulations on your restraint. Afraid I haven't mastered mine yet. :D