Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It Speaks for Itself...

For Wordless (sort of...) Wednesday


  1. LOL... Something I see a lot of. Now wondering if you live in my neck of the woods. :-) When I worked for the dept of corrections, I had to visit our prisons often. Of course most of the prisons are in rural, isolated areas, so I am never surprised when I see alligator's lounging around on canal banks. Also, one day several years ago, there was a baby alligator in the ditch down the street from my house. That was the only time I ever had one that close to my house. Even so, other people here have had their up close and personal encounters with alligators. hahaha

    Awesome pic and perfect for Wordless Wednesday.

  2. the pic! We live in gator country, too. Sometimes we ride out to this little restaurant on the has a deck next to a canal in the grass flats. A gator lives in the canal, and he likes to hang out next to the deck because some patrons sneak him french fries. You aren't supposed to feed them, but I have seen people do it. -Katwin2010

  3. LOL That is not something you normally don't see in my neck of the woods but it sure would keep me from taking a dip in yonder pond. Very cool photo!


  4. Yikes! I love water, but THAT would keep me out, for sure!