Monday, May 3, 2010

Impromptu Concert

On January 1st I sat down and blogged about goal setting. I might not have told the whole truth. Part of my New Year's goal was to blog more often. I have read countless times that a writer needs to practice writing EVERY DAY. Well, let's not get carried away... I'm only human after all. But truth be told, I've been missing blogging. I've actually written a few posts for Good Shepherd Housing and Family Services for whom I volunteer, but I haven't blogged for me since January. That said, it was my birthday last Friday. I regard my birthday as a chance to start again. Hopefully this time I can stick to it a little more.
So today has been hot and humid -- how charming -- and I'm working on getting my house in order (in more ways than one, perhaps) before my parents come for the weekend on Friday. For the last 45 minutes or so, I've been folding laundry in a room with a fan on and windows open. I've got a CD of the Mikado playing.
I was in the Mikado in 6th grade -- in the men's chorus (don't ask). How old was I then, about 12? I do not have an identity crisis now, but incredibly, I do still remember a lot of the lyrics from the show. We practiced a lot as I recall. So I've been belting them out along with the singers from the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. And then I remembered that the window was open...
I hope my neighbors enjoyed the impromptu concert.

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